Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I don't know what it is. I swear I have no idea at all. I feel totally pleh. Not sure if that's a word, but that's how I feel. I make a good meal, a great meal even, and there is a fleeting - fleeting like 3 seconds - feeling of accomplishment and then it's gone.

I've been doing good work, getting things done and making it happen, but still, pleh. People rely on me to help them and work things out, I've been doing it as well as a number of other things. I'm multitasking like it's nobody's business, but I'm totally bored with it. I don't know what's wrong with me. I don't, really. It isn't that I'm sad or depressed or anything of the sort, it's so much worse than that - I'm indifferent. Has that ever happened to you?

I'm trying to think of something to do to break me out of my ennui and I'm more or less drawing a blank. At first I thought I just needed to read a really good book, but then I remembered that I am reading a really good book, Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. It's fun, intelligent and totally page turning, but I'm such a turnip right now that even a spectacular bestseller that's being made into a movie starring Tom Hanks and Ewan McGregor among others, isn't snapping me out of it.

The weather has cooled and is now a bearable hot. I should be running through the fields like Brother Sun and Sister Moon. Eh. I should be hugging strangers in the streets and dancing in the rain, but I'm not, nor will I. I should be dressing up like Mother Nature and sing "The Lusty Month of May", but that's not happening any time soon. I should be skipping through the supermarket laughing when I pick up a loaf of bread, not likely. I should be should be wearing summer dresses and twirling like a twirling dervish, but I'm positive I won't. I should be laughing, a lot, like a crazy giggling teenager, but Heaven help us all if I do.

I guess what I have to realize is that we all go through a slump. Not necessarily a serious slump, just a bum slump and we just have to grin and bear it until it passes. I'll just keep repeating the mantra, "This too shall pass" until it happens. I just hope people can put up with me that long. And by people, of course I mean the crowds of people always in and out of my house.

Here's a quote for the day, so I can say I didn't leave you with absolutely nothing but a really boring post:

"Anything too stupid to be said is sung". Voltaire

That's funny.

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