Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Makeup: MAC Fleur Power Blush

This is totally what Fleur Power looks like when it's on. It's peachy with a pink hue. Perfection!

The other day my friends and I were at the mall looking at the new collections at MAC and thanking our lucky stars that the Hello Kitty collection got stuck at customs thereby helping us resist the temptation to buy out the entire place. Regardless of the fact that the collection we had been waiting for was missing, it was still a very fun time. We all put on tons of make up, tried on gloss and lipstick and generally made a mess of the place. This is when befriending the SA's is very, very important.

In the end, I tried on 3 blushes and several lip colors. I loved everything, but was not going to sell a kidney to support my makeup habit, so I bought what I went there to buy, a blush. The blush I chose is Fleur Power. I know what you're thinking right now, and that's not it at all. I didn't buy it because of the name. I bought it because it's the most beautiful blush in the world. No other reason.

When I bought it I thought it was beautiful, but the more I use it the more smitten I am with it. I can't get enough of the peachy pink color. It doesn't have a drop of shimmer, which makes it really wearable by anyone at any time. It's a classic day look. It gives you an healthy glow and brightens up whatever you're wearing.

The other day I paired it with a simple shimmery sandy eye, mascara and coral glossy lip and the combination was stunning. I think it would be perfect with a smokey eye as it would liven up the look and steer it away from that "heroine" ashy appearance that sometimes comes along as a bonus. The ashy look is not always bad, it really depends what you're going for, but it doesn't look inspired, with this blush, it would look inspired.

Another perfect option (very similar in color, like a 1st degree cousin) is Dainty. It has some shimmer, but not much. It's part of the MAC Mineralize collection so it won't be available for much longer. It's lighter than Fleur Power so you would have to use a bit more, but man is it gorgeous!

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Simplybeautifulelegant said...

I just bought this blush! It is stunning!