Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oscars 2010

Sorry I couldn't post yesterday. I had enough work for two efficient adults to do in a week, but since I am neither all human nor just merely efficient, I was able to finish it in one day. Here goes my list of best and worst:

Amanda Seyfried looks perfect. I love that pleating detail on the side that gives the whole dress shape. The kind of stiff upper body of it contrasts with the delicate way the bottom half falls - just gorgeous! I also love the beading. Elizabeth Bank's dress and this one are a toss up for me, don't know which one I love more.

Sandra Bullock looks amazing! This dress was gorgeous and perfect for something like winning an Oscar. I know some people didn't like her makeup, thought her lipstick was a bit much (it was a blue red), but I thought it looked beautiful and matched her dress perfectly.

Elizabeth Banks. This was my favorite dress of the evening. It's ethereal. Her dress is Versace and looks like it was made for her. Wonderfully feminine and just lovely. Her makeup is perfect as well, I just wish she had a super sparkly diamond bracelet on to complete the look, or chandelier earrings.

Demi's dress is beautiful. As I look at it now, I realize that it's almost the same color as her skin (she is so tanned!). I wish her makeup made more of a statement....

Chalize Theron's Joan of Arc meets an English rose garden dress is silly. Those idiot roses on her boobies like hand prints call attention to an odd place and remind me of Madonna and some of her 80's outfits. What was she thinking? She always dresses so elegantly, this was an embarrassing mistake.

Sarah Jessica Parker looks stupid. Her dress is yucky and her hair is frizzy. I noticed several people presenting with frizzy hair. Either there was a huge fan backstage, or there is a nationwide shortage of anti-frizz serum. If this is a new fad, count me out.

What a ridiculous dress. Zoe Saldana is a beautiful, beautiful woman, but she seems to be wearing a sparkly top and someone else's unflattering skirt. The two halves of the dress don't go together the way bean jello is just wrong. This is hands down the ugliest dress of the evening.

The ceremony in itself was very good. I wish the songs had been performed like they always are, but because of the time difference, I appreciated the shorter version because it was really later here by the time it finished. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were fantastic together and all in all it was a very good show. I dislike Oscar politics and feel they snubbed Avatar because it's so successful. There is no way in hell The Hurtlocker is the Best Picture of the Year. This is a very specific category and it seems perfectly obvious they needed a woman to win this year, and a bunch more rubbish and blah, blah, blah. I feel like these fools owe us all an explanation. But it's ok, I'll be fine. Avatar is still #1 to me and we don't need a naked man to tell us that.

All the pictures are from JustJared. You can go there to look at pictures of your favorites stars and what they were wearing or how silly they looked.

P.S. Once again Kristen Stewart looked itchy. She was all dressed up, but she looked itchy and icky, a little dirty - contageous dirty, not porno dirty.

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