Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I love Siobhan!

I'm a bit late posting about my favorite show of the season - American Idol, of course - and this may be because I'm still reeling from the nasty curve ball we were thrown when Lilly left. What in frick is America thinking? Is everyone on crack? Anyway, after recovering from the shock and horror of having one of my favorites leave so early in the competition, I can say that I have somewhat recovered and am ready to pronounce my #1 favorite for the season.

I'm sure you guessed from the picture and title of this post that I'm talking about Siobhan Magnus. Before Kara mentioned it, I said it, yes, I said that she was the Adam Lambert of Season 9. She really has that courage to get out there and do whatever. She's not worried about looking pretty, or "making love" to the camera and trying to flirt with the audience, like we see so many idiots do. She opens her mouth, belts out the notes, and delivers every single time.

I know a lot of people love Crystal -HRH and the boys love her - and while I like her a lot, I don't love, love, love her. There's a difference. This year the girls are kicking ass, although I do wish Katy and that other girl who wears orange foundation and ends up looking like an oompa loompa quite often would just go already.


class said...
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angie said...

Hahahaha, yes, the oompa-loompa just doesn't ever have any "moments" at all... America IS on crack to have kept the two lamest girls and thrown out Lily... pleh.