Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You Are What You Eat Picture Show by Mark Menjivar

This is my fridge. I took this picture today, Tuesday/5 person household. What does that say about me?

My post today is going to be short and sweet since I don't have loads of time. I have to work a regular 8 hr shift, as well as make lunch, oversee the kids studies and prep them for their tests. Then during the time that I would normally post I will do my nails so that I don't look down at my hands and cry (or mini vomit - either way it's unacceptable).

Anyway, I came across this interesting photographic study of people's refrigerators. What would your fridge say about you if someone were to walk in unannounced and open the fridge door? Well, click on this link to see the "You Are What You Eat" picture show.

Tata for now...

1 comment:

M.D. said...

It says: "you're broke"