Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Update: Tea for Two

This weekend was a great success. I was able to do everything I wanted to a bit more. On Saturday Tati and I had tea together at a cute coffee shop and it was so pleasant I wish we did it every week. I saw a couple of fun movies with Thing 1 and Thing 2, cut their hair and made some special lunches and snacks with them. For dinner Friday night we had sausage sandwiches from Casa do Alemao as well as their famous croquettes. It was so very delish I can hardly describe it here, but I'll try. The sausages are made by them and they're spectacular. The bread is super soft and fluffy. The croquettes were wonderfully cruchy on the outside and soft on the inside. We had chicken and meat croquettes. I found out later that they also had cod croquettes, so I guess we'll try them next time. The thing about eating there is that it's cheaper than McDonald's and a gazillion times better. I don't think that comparison is fair considering these are artesenally made yummies while McD's are just a bunch of processed garbage with some salt sprinkled on top to make it taste ok.

On Saturday after going shopping with Meury, Gui and Tati we went to a pizzeria where we ate a fabulous aubergine pizza. OMG! If you live in the area you must try it. The restaurant is on Via Nove and is called Cugine. The atmosphere there is pleasant and inviting, service is stellar and the food is perfect. To top it all off, it is an inexpensive place to go. That combination is killer no matter where you go or who you are.

Instead of having dinner with Meury and Gui on Saturday night - as originally planned - we had lunch on Sunday. Perfection. The meat was juicy and pink without all the dripping blood so normally associated with pink meat, the bernaise was divine and the potatoes crunchy. The salad was perfectly cooked and dressed and the wine was exquisite. Here's what our menu looked like:

Starter: Mushroom bruschetta with fried quail egg on top

Contra file (very nice steak meat left in one whole piece and then thinly sliced after it was cooked and rested), bernaise sauce, potatoes royale, green bean and grape tomato salad with pickled onion and vinagrette

Cheesecake (I know you're thinking "You just had that last week", but really, once you've eaten it you'll know that we can't possibly have it often enough even if it is once a week)

Samurai-Jack ate the entire meal with us, the only thing he didn't do was drink wine. I'm pleased to see that he has such a sophisticated palette. He loved the mushrooms and everything. Miojoboy on the other hand had hamburgers. Whatever.

Tata for now mes amis...


M.D. said...

Stop bad-mouthing the McD's!!!!!

someone said...

Yeay, bad-mouthing McD's!! (That was for you, M.D.)
I can only manage the taste if I'm STARVING... otherwise it tastes just like you said: processed garbage with salt, ick.

Hooray for cheesecake two weeks in a row!!!!