Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Update: Makeup and Movies

I had a blast this weekend. On Saturday I started off by doing Terra's makeup. She wanted some photos done. I imagine she wanted more variety and a dozen different looks, but it didn't work out that way as I wasn't going to spend my entire Saturday there without some kind of remuneration. In the end I did one look I felt would be versatile enough for whatever she decided to do. I wanted to give her a bit more of a youthful look because I had seen some pictures of her before with a lot of brown makeup on that made her look 10 yrs older than she is.

I ended up working a glittery grey and silver look on her eyes, no false lashes, and very defined and beautiful eyebrows. I used MAC Fleur Power on her cheeks and my MAC highlighter as well. On her lips I used a mixture of pink and nude lipstick with shiny beige on top.

She has beautiful curly hair so I just crunched the curls with mousse et voilĂ .

After I was done there I went to Greti's and we had tea, sandwiches, cake and popcorn. We watched Persuasion and Enchanted. It was so fun. Greti watched Persuasion the way most men watch sports; shouting, cussing and overly involved.

Later that evening I saw What Happens in Vegas with HRH and was pleasantly surprised. It was fun. I don't like Cameron Diaz at all, so for me to say that the movie was fun, even with her as the main star, that's because it was.

On Sunday night we all went to Andre and Lua's to see Idol. My God! It was so exiting. We were on the edge of our seats. Next week is the finale and we are going to make a party of it complete with cheesecake. Do any of you remember how I said that Kris was going to be there for a long time because he's got the little girl vote? Well, now you know that there is a prophet among you. You heard it here first, folks. Although even I couldn't have foreseen that he would be in the final 2. He's been surprising us and getting better and better all the time. I'm glad with the progress he's made. I can see him being a real star. I think Adam needs to watch out. There are some that think Kris has a chance at winning Idol. I don't think so and I refuse to entertain any thoughts of Adam losing, but there is a very, very slight possibility - I guess. I mean, weirder things have happened.

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someone said...

Terra's eyebrows look awesome!

haileyhale said...

Love the look on Terra. So refreshing.good job at that. Don't you just love "Enchanted"?Really, a good weekend idea.AML