Thursday, May 14, 2009

Makeup: Spanish Chic

My baby sister went to a wedding in Itaipava (beautiful mountain town in Rio) with her boyfriend Guilherme. It was a garden wedding (my favorite, so much better than a stuffy church. Oh wait, I love beach weddings too.) so she wanted to wear flowers in her hair. She got some beautiful red amerillis which were the inspiration for our look - Spanish Chic.

I made a low bun at the base of her neck but not in the center, it was off towards the side. I didn't do a traditional bun for a couple of reasons: a poo style roll bun would look a bit passe and a little like a Fräulein; and her hair is a medium short so a traditional bun wouldn't work. So what I did was I made a low ponytail and then took individual strands and pinned them to make a modern looking bun. I arranged 3 flowers in her hair and they looked beautiful.

For her makeup what we did was a smokey matte brown eye. I lined the base of her lashes (upper only) with black gel liner (MAC fluidliner, of course). I didn't do a cat eye look because it was not necessary, I just wanted to emphasise her lash line so it was very thin and very, very black. We used like 3 coats of black mascara (Lancome Fatale).

This look is all about the super arched and perfectly defined eye brows, so the first thing I did was attack them with my tweezers like nobody's business. The end result was a perfectly flawless brow that would rival any hollywood superstar's.

I did a very defined cheekbone look with a lovely pop of orange-y shimmery color (YSL has a really pretty one someone gave me in a past life and it's still perfect - totally worth the investment). I used a good highlighter to contrast and give her that glow that everyone is always looking for (MAC). It's the kind of product that helps you fake good skin.

I decided to give her subtle red lips so as not to fight with the rest of the outfit including the super red flowers in her hair. We used a flesh toned liner (MAC in Oak) to line and fill in the whole lip and transparent red gloss (Maybelline) over it. Very lovely, very sexy, very wearable for any and all situations.

Just so you know what a genious I am with my paint pots and brushes, this is what she normally looks like:

This is what she looked like when I was through working my magic on her:


M.D. said...


Best post ever!!!!!!

someone said...

Yuck, that picture of Gollum is hooooooooorrrrrrrrible!!

You're mean.

Leticia's Cook Book said...

gorgeous Meury!!!!! Especially in contrast with Gollum!