Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Fun: Let's Get our Trekkie On

I have to say that I was seriously impressed with the new Star Trek. I thought the effects and action sequences were fantastic, the casting genius, and the story unbelievably intelligent. It managed to stay completely true to the original without being old and "told". It's a brand new story that has started all over again, without exing out the original story and cast. So cool!

I know I sound a bit overly excited about something "geeky" but I really like Star Trek. (Yeah, yeah, very funny - bite me.) Give me a chance to explain: when we were kids we didn't watch TV per se. We were allowed to watch some programs that were deemed worthy of our time and not an overly corrupting influence on our young moldable Christian minds. Star Trek was one of the shows we could watch so we had them all on VHS and would periodically watch them. We thought it was the coolest thing ever. So, when the new one came out I was really hoping I wouldn't be disappointed - and I wasn't. In fact I was impressed. Check it out. You'll be pleasantly surprised.


On a completely unrelated note, what the hey is up with House? I mean, what the frick is the fricking matter with the frikkin' writers of that show? I'm talking about episode 5.20 where they kindly kick Kumar off the show because now he's working for the Obama administration at the White House (I know, right? Totally insane!) Instead of simply transferring Kumar/Kutner to another hospital or having him leave a note saying he was going to scale the Himalayas, they killed him. They made him commit suicide. With a gun. What??? There were no answers as to why. It was a silly and monumentally unnecessary mystery that could and should have been avoided at all costs.

What precisely possesses a group of seemingly intelligent university graduates to dive off a cliff into suicide land without prior indication of intent, thought or justification in any way, shape or form. Are they all sniffing glue? (Oh, remind me to tell you a totally hilarious story about that.) It was all just very confusing and incredibly frustrating and I just hope I can get over it in time to see what "nifty surprises" they have in store for us in the coming episodes. Wish me luck.

OMG! That's Channing Tatum!! Be still my heart...

In closing I want to leave you all with the totally cool tip, click on this link now to see the official trailer for the new GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra movie - it's friggin' awesome!! You're welcome!

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Well the trailer is cool (for GI Joe), but really, you can have him... any day of the week. No disputes there :)