Friday, December 11, 2009

Top 100 Sexiest Guys in TV - according to BuddyTV, that is - NOT according to me

Angie sent me this link today and it was really fun to look through. I disagree with this list completely!!!! - I even rearranged and made my own Top 50. The only problem is that some of the guys in the 100-50 should be in the Top 50, so it really didn't work well. There are just a few that needed to be at the very top of the list, and I was a bit disappointed they were not given due respect, but I'll remedy that in a later post when I make my Top 10 Sexiest Guys in Television. Let me know if you agree with the lists below, or who you think should be at the top.

1 comment:

angie said...

Some teenager made this list... too many baby-faced golden boys on it.
And there's a huuuuuge difference between 'lovable dork/geek' and 'sexy/rrrrr'... they're just NOT the same thing!