Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Last Sunday Mary and I got together to set up the tree. I had gotten a couple new flowers and some pretty mutted fuschia ribbon, but I wasn't sure exactly what would happen. For the most part I have a basic idea of what I want - or don't want - and I take it from there. I bought 3 large purple/brown sparkly flowers (poinsetta like) and 3 copper beauties. And that was it. I planned to use some of Greti's pink and burgundy flowers we bought together last year and I figured I could easily make do with the stuff I have store from previous Christmases.

We cranked up our Christmas CD and with Mariah Carey wailing in the background we had the inspiration we needed to create our masterpiece - the most beautiful tree yet. I had some brown and orange birds, some dried wheat shoots, pine cones and bobbles. The only ribbon on my tree are the ones that come down on the sides (4) and the big bow at the top with the butterfly.

In the end I think you will all agree that I have outdone myself. With a couple new items I was able to create and entirely new tree. It has many colors, but all of them have a common thread that brings them all together creating an sophisticated theme with elegantly subtle colors. Très fantastique!

When we were done we went to Greti's and helped her set up her tree, made blueberry muffins, drank watermelon caipivodka's (so refreshing and crazy delicious! - recipe coming soon), and watched Australia.


angie said...

It's our prettiest tree yet, hooray!! Beautiful, beautiful!!

Leticia's Cook Book said...

it gets better each year! Congrats on your gorgeous tree!