Thursday, December 17, 2009

The League - Best New Show Ever!

The universe is hating on me in a big way. My kitchen floor exploded - literally. The tiles started lifting all on their own like there was a monster coming out to terrorize us just in time for the holidays. There are closets and doors that need to be looked at, but even though we call and schedule with handymen, no one shows up. It amazes me that these people can feed their families. Are they doing so well that they can pick and choose what jobs they want to show up to? I don't think so. They're just ridiculously lazy.

Every once in a while when you're tinkering on the edge of despair, when you think nothing can go right, when you think your luck has finally run out and this is indeed the end of the line for you, and when you stop believing in the balance of the universe; something wonderful happens. Quite suddenly, out of nowhere, for no appearant reason, not because you've earned it - although you have; not because you deserve it - even though you do; not because you're worth it - though you know you are; but just because it's time. Finally, finally, after years, months of crappy shows that don't get cancelled (you know I mean you, Ghost Whisperer), of great shows that get cancelled (Carpoolers, IT Crowd, anyone?), a great show creaps up on us and quietly says "Boo!".

I'm talking about the genious that is The League. Instead of relying on beautiful people to draw in viewers every week, they rely soley on intellingent, witty and fantastic writing - and a bit of improv as well, I've heard. I watched the pilot episode by myself and laughed so much I wept. The birthday song alone is enough to convince you that this is a show worth watching weekly. Thankfully the network has been wise enough to renew it for a second season, and I can only hope many more. Who would have thought that someone could make an incredibly entertaining show out of a fantasy footbal league? Not me. I now have a seriously interesting line up of laughs to look forward to every week thanks to Glee, The League, HIMYM, and Community.

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