Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Movie Review: Hot Fuzz

The movie Hot Fuzz has got to be one the best movies out there - as far as ridiculous, unrealistic, dark humor, not anywhere close to the vicinity of PC, nonsensical, foolish, absurd, and insane movies go. Utterly, and completely genius - and you have my permission to smack anyone who says otherwise.

It's the story of an overacheiver (a cop) who is so over the top he's making the entire London police department look bad. They get so fed up with him they ship him off to a podunk town in the middle of nowhere where they hope he'll be forgotten. He arrives in this perfectly idyllic town where no cop is needed at all and the police officers are complete slackers (they have nothing to do). He arrives and on his first night there he starts doing his exaggeratedly ridiculous cop routine. It gets old very fast, until he accidentally uncovers a mystery. Well, I'll let you see it for yourself, but I promise you, it's a million laughs.

If you even think you might like British humor, then please, run out right now and rent it. I'm telling you, you won't regret it.

You know those movies you watch and laugh, but you only laugh so much, for whatever reason it might be, you only have a certain amount of laugh in you? Then, after you're done watching it, you're putting the DVD away in the box, and you suddenly remember something and the laughter begins. You're minding your own business washing dishes the following day and again you remember something from the movie and - boom - you can't stop laughing. That's the way it is with this movie. The more you talk about it with others who've watched it, retell it and remember it, the funnier it becomes. By the time the week is out, you'll be recommending it to all of your friends.

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someone said...

Lllllove this movie!! It's an absolute CLASSIC!! :)

(I watched it alone and even so, I actually LAUGHED OUT LOUD... specially during the last half hour)