Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Weekend Update: Saquarema

There's a cute little church on the top of the hill where you can see the whole city. The view is breathtaking and the church is beautiful.

This past weekend (wow, it's taken me long enough to write about it...) HRH, Thing 1, Thing 2, Meury, her boyfriend Gui and I went to a nearby beach paradise called Saquarema for a bit of RNR. It was so hot this last weekend there were moments when I didn't think my skin would stay on. I was literally melting. So gross. The nice thing about this place is that while the sun beat down on us with all its fury, there was a constant breeze to refresh and cool. The water was cristal clear and fresh. The beach we went to was not crowded so we were all just the right amount of distance from others. (Okay, I'm lying just a tiny bit. There was this douche named Aloisio who was a little too close, even though he was technically pretty far away. He was such a douche in fact that from now on instead of calling people jerks, we'll just call them Aloisio. He didn't stay long, so thank God for small mercies. Not even Aloisio could dampen our moods, we channeled him out and had a blast anyway.)

HRH's beer tower.

The heat was intense, but it was nothing 50 cans of beer couldn't fix, so we brought our cooler and drank like we were trying to prove something. About 3 hours in we got hungry and ordered some freshly caught pargo (red porgy) from the kiosk about 50 ft from where we were. What I'm going to tell you know is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth - so help me God. It was the best fish I've ever eaten in my whole entire life! It was cut in half (half had the head still attached and other other part had the tail), dipped in batter and deep fried. It was crispy, crunchy with just the right amount of seasoning, on the outside. The flesh inside was tender, moist, and oh so very delicious. The tender bits of fish just melted in your mouth. The flavor was mild (like milk) and the smell was like the sea - fresh, crazy fresh and wonderful. We ordered french fries to go with it, but really, who cares. I'm telling you now for the record that we will be going back, if for nothing else, for that fish manna from Heaven. I'm sorry I have no pictures to put here - my camera's batteries pooped out, but I promise to go overboard with pics the next time around.

Thing 2 and Thing 1 - they loved it.

The kids swam and went hunting for little tiny crabs. HRH rested and had a much needed and overdue break from work, and I relaxed and worried about nothing but keeping everyone coated in sunblock for two full days. On Saturday evening we made fresh shrimp and penne with a fresh tomato sauce and drank chilled chardonnay. That's the life! I need to do exactly that for like 3 weeks straight. I'm already making plans.

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