Thursday, November 12, 2009

Makeup: Blake Lively

Photo is from Celebrity Paradise.

I got this picture from Blogdorf Goodman - a blog I love, love. In the post the celeb makeup artists talks about what products they used to create this beautiful, beautiful look which I think is perfection. Please hop over there and read the post. You'll see that the makeup artist used Chanel Rouge Allure in Mythic and called it a perfect nude. Do you remember that I myself called it the perfect nude -- yes dear ones, you heard it here first. Anyway, click on the picture to see it in really high res.

Chanel Rouge Allure in Mythic. Photo from Marie Claire.

This is what I'll be doing over the weekend. I'll have plenty of places to wear it at as I have activities and outings scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I've got a super full agenda and I'll need to look gorgeous everywhere I go. Friday I'm going to a show, Saturday I'm meeting with friends for coffee and fun, Sunday I'm going to the theater. I'm going to wear pretty much this makeup look to all of them, but I'm going to wear different perfume. I'm thinking SL Fumerie Turque for the show (it'll stand out and it smells smokey so it goes well with clubs), Balmain Jolie Madam for Saturday afternoon (violets, gardenia and leather - nice...although, if it's too hot I think I'll go with Chanel Cristalle), and Chanel 5 for the theater.

Hugs, Kisses and Chanel Wishes!

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