Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Have You Been Up To Lately?


I'm big into the thriller/romance genre right now - they're the kind of page-turners that keep you up until the crack of dawn - I love it when that happens.


I am loving the new season of Top Chef. All of the stars from past seasons who didn't win come together to battle it out for a second chance to win the grand prize. Awesome! I'm also really into Off the Map. Hubba, hubba, hubba


Tea, like always. I'm also big on iced coffee right now too.


I've been sticking to the basics - mascara and gloss. I've been alternating between two glosses from Clarins, Eclat Minute in a light baby pink, color 001, and Baume Couleur in a bright pink, color 05. They're perfect for the summer because they're super glossy but lightweight at the same time. The colors are fresh and youthful.

Buenos Tiempos

Dinner parties with my friends. I love setting a perfect table and receiving guests in my home. I just had some of my silver items refinished and there is nothing classier than serving water from a silver water pitcher. Our last theme was Italian feast - it was super buenos tiempos!

Looking forward to...

School holidays ending so the kids can get back to their normal schedule. I can't take everyone all up in my business all day long. I long for the days when I'm the only one in the house all morning long.

Wish List

Right now I want a perfume I just read Guerlain is launching Muguet. They've launched it before, but this year there's a precious bottle to go with that is hand painted and has one of those old fashioned poofy squeezy things from classic old perfumes.

I also want one of those super TVs.

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