Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rested and Ready to Go!

I just came back from holidays and thought I'd give you the rundown on what we did. We couldn't go very far because HRH had to stay close in case things went to the Devil with his company and he had to come racing back to Rio. We ended up spending some time in Saquarema. It's a quaint little beach town that is neither pretentious nor crowded and this makes it peaceful and affordable.

One of the coolest things we did was go crab fishing. What a rush! We used these McGyver style nets that looked like basketball hoops with a fish dangling in the middle as bait. Once the net thingy was lowered into the water it took literally 1 minute for it to fill up with yummy delicious crabbies - for the most part they were small soup crabs, but we did get some larger ones too. We actually did better than a lot of the old timers out there with us that night on the bridge and I think we owe it all to some funky fish bait. My brother-in-law walked into a restaurant nearby to see if we could buy some bait and he said he had nothing and then he remembered that there were some groty old fhish in the back of his freezer that we could use - stinky fishy magic, I'll tell you what.

With our catch we made a creamy crab soup with half of the bucket and an intense crab broth with the other half which later became the world's best risotto. I'm not joking, overstating or in any way, shape or form exaggerating. It was the very best anything we've ever eaten, or will ever eat - ever.

We went to the beach every day at around 4pm because it wasn't so hot at that time - watched the sun go down, ate ice-cream at dusk, checked out the bimbo cops who watched the main square every day - they were SNL hilarious complete with mirrored aviator glasses, matching pink watches, long blond extensions, bimbo poses and all. Buenos tiempos. I tried to take a couple of pictures without them knowing but I'm not a very good spy and was unable to capture just how ridiculous they were.

All in all it was super restful and very fun. Thing 1 and Thing 2 had a blast so we hope to do it again soon. I will say one thing for being back: there is nothing - and I mean nothing - as wonderful as coming home to your own bed!

Ta ta!

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