Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Benefit: Current Loves

It's been a while since we talked about makeup. I wanted to talk about some new super products I have been using and am very pleased with. The first is something I buy every year when the weather starts to warm up and that's blue mascara. I usually go with Dior or Bourjois, but this year I went with Benefit's Bad Gal Lash in blue. This is a darker blue than I'm used to and because of this it is a perfect addition to one's makeup all year round. It doesn't scream blue right off the bat, but it does enhance the loveliness of my eyes and there is a definite hue de blue. I think this is a perfect mascara for any eye color, and anyone. If you're shy about using colored mascara, give this a go.

The other product - and I cannot rave enough about it - is Benefit Powderflage. There is some controversy regarding the efficacy of this product. It's advertised as a subtle highlighter, it's not. I don't see any highlighting benefits at all. On the other hand, it does what no product has done before - it sets under eye concealer perfectly. And I mean perfectly. I hate when concealer creases under my eyes and I think this is an overall concern with everyone. There is no concealer on earth that will stay crease-free all day without a little help. Powderflage is all the help it needs. Example: I have a friend who layers her concealer like it's going out of style because she has serious bags under her eyes. She uses Kriolan concealer (super highly pigmented stuff) and still needs to layer. So when I did her makeup for her mother's wedding I applied Powderflage in between each of the layers. The result - magic. For the whole evening which included dancing, eating, laughing. making out and getting drunk, her concealer didn't budge. Not once. True story.

Last but not least, the lovely, lovely Thrrrob - also by Benefit. It adds the perfect amount of flush to the cheeks. Beautiful, discreet, sexy, and worth every penny. It contains more product (double most blushes on the market).


Tatiana said...

Benefit Powderflage is awsome!!!! Verdadeira história!!!!

angie said...

Now I want it... it looks magical :)