Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weekend Update: Eco Resort Fun

The view from my balcony.

This last weekend HRH took the kids and I to an Eco Resort about 5 hours away. It was amazing. I'm going to break it down for you like this:
The Place: huge property with lake, animal farm, vegetable garden, pools (normal, natural, and heated), sauna, spa, a million activities for the kids, all the courts you can imagine, lounge lawn (for real, there's a gorgeous grassy space with bed type sofas with huge umbrellas or veils that blow in the wind. I would lay there and read and drink - it's right next to the pool bar), several relaxation areas, bars, etc.

The Food: all naturally grown or raised on the property. What they don't have there they buy from the surrounding area. Everything is organic and superbly delish and fresh - so fresh. The food tasted different from anything we get here in the city. We had lamb, boar, pork, you name it. The milk, butter and cheese is all fresh and made there - yummy, so yummy. They had fresh lemongrass tea as well - one of my faves.

The Activities: the kids and HRH did so many things they were exhausted by the time night came along. Hiking to the farm area, tirolesa (I think called tyrolean crossing in English, not sure), 4 wheelers, horse back riding, high rope course, etc, etc, etc. Really fun. Plus there's a spa for us ladies.
We will definitely be going back next year and staying longer. We're thinking that like 5-7 days is good.
Check out these pics:

Check out this video of HRH on the tirolesa (tyrolean crossing?) - Turn the sound down, it's super loud:

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