Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Luminous, Flawless Makeup

Let's talk a bit about this luminous, gorgeous makeup. I know there is a considerable amount of photoshop and lighting involved, but it would be interesting to try to copy this. Making the face luminous this way is not impossible. It involves clean, exfoliated, and well moisturized skin. The idea is to keep the skin looking dewy - not greasy.

So, you have to know your skin well and work with it. If your skin tends to be a bit more oily, work with a bit of translucent powder to control danger areas and stay away from cream illuminators and things. Opt instead for powders. They'll keep your face fresh and bright, but not oily. I've found this is helpful for humid climates as well.

You will need:

Moisturizer/Primer (depending on your skin type)
Translucent powder - if you have oily skin
Copper and pink eye shadow
Dark brown eye liner
Smudge brush or pencil brush to work the eye shadow and eye liner
Warm brown blush/bronzer for that sunkissed look
Illuminator in cream or powder
Warm nude pink gloss

Now, I went on to the Revlon website and was a bit surprised that they suggest using black eye shadow for this look. I don't see it. This look is about being beautiful, luminous, and sunkissed. It's about browns and pinks, and if you keep it that way you will look fresh and super gorgeous. This is a perfect Saturday afternoon with the girls look, or Sunday sun-dress at a bbq. Try it out and let me know how it came out.

How To:

  • Prep your skin (clean, moisturize/prime)
  • If you have all over illuminator like this Revlon one, use it, if not, lightly dust illuminating powder on the high points of your face (stay away from the tip of the nose as it tends to look shiny in a bad way, not glowing in a good way - so, bridge only), don't forget the brow bone
  • Take your bronzer and apply on the contour and cheekbone, apply a bit on the bridge of the nose and do that 3 stroke application where you contour in a 3: temples, cheekbones and jaw. Concentrate more on the cheekbones
  • Take some light pink shadow and dust the whole eyelid
  • Take your brown eye liner and line the water line and lash line, top and bottom, then smudge like you're trying to prove something
  • Your copper eye shadow is going to go over the smudged brown eyeliner to help it stay put and to add another layer of color and beautifulness (that's a word)
  • Take your powder illuminator or light champagne eye shadow and highlight the inner corner of your eyes (where the tear ducts are)
  • Apply mascara (you can use burgundy or brown mascara if you have fair hair, or you happen to love those colors)
  • Cover your lips with a good amount of luscious pink gloss (with a bit of shimmer) and you're good to go!

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