Friday, February 11, 2011

Pretty Orange Lippies

I am fascinated by orange lipstick lately. Because of the nuclear heat south of the Equator right now, it only seems fitting that this should be one of the colors of the moment. Like the surface of the sun.

MAC makes a really beautiful orange, Lady Danger. It's very bright and intense. There is a way to tone it down though by mixing a bit with clear gloss first. It makes the color translucent and more wearable for every day life - especially if you're just a normal person and not Rihanna.

There are many ways to wear bright colors, but the most sensible way is to tone down everything else to a bare minimum - the way Kirsten Dunst and Grace Kelly are wearing it in these pictures.

There are millions of oranges out there from drugstore to high end department store brands. You just have to try on different ones until you find your ticket - the perfect one for you.

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