Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm Back

I've been in a bit of a funk lately. It has not only influence my normal everyday life, it has also effected my creativity. Things that would normally not bother me have been getting under my skin - or just downright pissing me off. On the one hand an innocent bystander could say that I have lost it, on the other hand however, the issue could be everyone else and not me at all.

Several times over the last few weeks I have had blogworthy experiences that I've ignored because I just knew I wouldn't hit the mark - far from it, I'm pretty certain I would bore you all to tears. For example, I watched Eat Pray Love. Did you watch Eat Pray Love? Well, I did - snore. If I'm being fair I will point out that her trip to Italy was very enjoyable. It was fun, delicious and very Julia. The rest of the movie however was boring. The whole story revolved around an overly needy, ridiculous American who refused to be happy even though she really had no cause for discontent. Even when faced with less fortunate individuals, having a wonderful dream job, friends and family who love her, she insisted on being a drag. In Brazil we have an expression for people like her - mala sem al├ža. It means a suitcase without a handle - very difficult to carry, a dead weight.

I decided not to blog about it when I realized that all of my friends and sisters enjoyed the movie immensely and only had good things to say. For the sake of clarification I'm going to let you know now that my friends and sisters were not referring to the book which from what I hear is a whole new world of exploitation of the needy, divorced, unhappy middle aged woman. An adventure into mediocre writing and lack-wit mush. Having been forcibly subjected to the ocean of stupid that was The Shack I have stayed away from all overhyped books like the plague.

Having said that, I urge you all to watch it, because from what I gather I am alone in this belief and need to be institutionalized. I feel like Elaine Bennes when she watchet the English Patient on Seinfeld and hates it and then ends up losing her job and getting shunned from polite society, ostracized and made to feel less than mentally sane because of it. Favorite line in that episode: Die already! Just shut up and die! Hilarious.

I'll ask you all to bear with me as I try to find my way back to faithful blogging and being awesome again.

A bit of good news though - William has officially asked Kate to marry him and gave her his mother's beautiful ring. A wedding is soon coming and if it's anything like Charles and Diana's we're in for a real treat. I remember watching it on TV as a child - it was a magical, surreal, fairytale wedding that the world will not soon forget.

Tata for now!


deniz @ analytic approach to style said...

welcome back, missed your posts a lot!
I haven't seen eat pray love myself- it feels like a seemingly original but in fact very conventional american story, so I just don't feel like I will be "inspired" by any means. your comment gives me another reason not to watch it.
yes, the royal wedding is very, very exciting. but I must admit I'm terribly jealous- I had a crush on prince william for all my childhood so I just can't swallow my pride and feel happy for them :)

M.D. said...

I'm not at ALL pleased with the royal wedding!!! UGGGGGH Kate Middleston. And the horror!! He gave her THE ring............MAJOR UGH.

BTW, I am NOT one of your sisters who loves Fart, Burp and Hurl.

Please clarify.


Flower Power said...

You know Deniz, I too had some mixed feelings initially regarding my prince marrying someone else. But then after realizing that: 1 - I am not British, 2 - I am older than him, and 3 - that his stepmother is an evil hag and would probably spare no effort to feed me poison apples, I reluctantly but consciously give my blessing to this union. The fact that she got the ring M.D. may be one of the signs of the end of days, but it'll be worth it if the wedding is as magical and fairytale like as Charles and Diana's - may she rest in peace.