Monday, August 23, 2010

What's Up?

Still doing the silly romance books because they're fun and I've been working hard so I need time to decompress, this is the best thing.

Been using Diorella and Chanel 19 more than my other ones lately. Still waiting for the perfect occasion to use Iris Silver Mist. Don't know if there is an occasion worthy of it...

Still in love with Rimmel Sexy Curves. I found a new brand (well recently relaunched and redone to perfection) of makeup by Brazilian makeup artist Duda Molinos. I'm loving the eyeshadows. Super finely milled, really pigmented and an amazing array of colors.

Last week I got really pissed about a bunch of things involving basic issues like lack of trust in the workplace, evil corporations and Satanic clients. HRH came home and saw the state I was in and promptly whisked me away to our favorite little place nearby. My spirits were instantly lifted confirming what I have long suspected: there is nothing a good bottle of wine, cheese and a sympathetic husband won't cure.

I've been a bit slow to finish the series Spartacus: Blood and Sand because HRH made me promise to watch it with him and then we had to wait to get our hands on the episodes so I only just finished it. Wow. It's hard core but I love it. In episode 9 (I think) where Spartacus gets covered in gold for his encounter with Licinia/Ilithyia and the whole "encounter" scene ....... I think my heart actually stopped. I forgot to breathe, passed out. I don't know if I'll every recover from that. Holy Santos!

Wish List
I've been working on getting rid of old things from my kitchen and getting new things that represent. It'll take me a while to get through the list, but I've found one thing I'll need to put on my Wish List and get it hopefully sometime next year (because they want to charge me the moon for it). What do you think? Is it the most beautiful set you've ever seen? What I most want from it is the coffee set, but now I'm thinking maybe the complete set should be on my wish list.... the coffee set at least is so chic and masculine, it's positively presidential. And HRH is the one that's all into coffee, it's gotta be a masculine set, not frilly and gay.


angie said...

Whahaha... you've read so many girlie novels lately, you're even thinking like the writers... "there is nothing a good bottle of wine, cheese and a sympathetic husband won't cure" sounds like something out of a... oh what's her name? The girl who writes about 'taking a step back from the fire in his eyes'... sounds just like a line she'd write, hehehe :)
And I love that 'presidential' coffee set... totally put it on your wish list.

Jamie said...

Ahaha!!! I know, that whole episode with Spartacus covered in gold was both amazing and then twisted at the same time - heh! But hey, it was a hit! I just can't wait for them to do season 2. :)